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Dianabol (Dbol) 25mg/50tabs - NovoPharm

Dianabol (Dbol) 25mg/50tabs - NovoPharm

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Dianabol is an all-in-one steroid used by athletes for better physical performance and mass growth. The drug can be used by athletes of any level of experience in steroid usage.

  • Usage: Men 40-60 mg/day
  • Cycle Duration: 6-10 weeks for optimal results 
  • Aromatization: Yes. Requires Arimidex - 1mg - each other day during the cycle
  • Post Cycle Therapy: Clomid 100mg/day for 2 weeks, then 50mg/day for another 2 weeks
  • Stack With: Winstrol for lean muscle or Deca for muscle mass

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Novo-pharm Dianabol General Description

Beginners and professional athletes often use various anabolic androgenic steroids to achieve the best possible results, regardless of their objectives. Dianabol is one of those drugs, which is also sold as Methandienone or Methane. It was first used in 1958 for medical purposes in the treatment of fractures, burns and renal failure, and for the regeneration of protein synthesis. After a comprehensive study of the effects of the drug on the human body, Dianabol started to be widely used in sports to enhance athletic performance.

Methandienone is the main active agent of the drug, crospovidone, lactose, magnesium stearate are additional components.
All men and women can use the steroid. It is used for rapid mass growth and bone strengthening in bodybuilding and powerlifting.
Dianabol is packaged in tablets. The active agent suppresses the catabolic process and stimulates rapid growth of muscle tissue, which has a positive effect on the body's nitrogen balance.

The anabolic activity of the drug is 200%, and the androgenic activity is 50%. Methane does not produce a high degree of aromatization and its action lasts 8 hours. In 1,5-2 months, the highest effects of drug use are reached.

Novo-pharm Dianabol Benefits

Methandienone has gained such popularity in the weightlifting field due to:

  • Increased mass gain during combined cycles. Its effects are anabolic and androgenic. During a single cycle, athletes can gain 10-15 kg of muscle.
  • Stimulated synthesis of protein. Thanks to its association with globulin, methane binds sex hormones at the cellular level.
  • Improved appetite.
  • Improved definition of the body.
  • Improved endurance (by 50-90%).
  • Improved recovery following intense training.
  • Lower cortisol counts in the bloodstream and preserved myofibers following intense muscle stress.
  • Lower protein breakdown rates.
  • Strengthened framework of the skeleton.
  • Reduced pain in the joints and muscles.
  • Nitrogen, sulphur, arsenic, calcium and sodium are retained.
  • Improved performance in sports.
  • Increased mood and self-esteem due to increased levels of dopamine.

The drug is quickly excreted from the body without any adverse effects on the liver and the kidneys.

Novo-pharm Dianabol Possible Side Effects

If proper cycle combinations and dosages are maintained, the drug will not produce side effects. Exceeded dosages, however, can lead to masculinization, gynecomastia, acne, gastrointestinal disorders, muscle asymmetry, allergic reaction, osteoporosis, insomnia, water retention, headache.

Retention of water can lead to setbacks with a mass loss of as much as 30%. If using Dianabol results in bitter taste in the mouth due to excessive bile ejection, it is recommended to use Cholosas.
Drugs that lower the level of cortisol are used in acne cases.
The steroid is prohibited for athletes under the age of 21 because of the risk of abnormal genital development and testicular atrophy.

Novo-pharm Dianabol Administration and Dosage

The steroid is normally used only 3 weeks after intensive training begins, as the body of the athlete starts the physiological processes that are applicable. Usage begins at a small dose with further incremental rises, if needed. Until usage, a drug cycle schedule is created, which depends on the general state of health, the athlete's weight and training.

The daily dosage for males and females should not exceed 50 mg and 30 mg. The daily intake is divided into two or three separate intakes. Used before eating. For the first three days, the daily dose is 10 mg, which is then increased to 20 or 30 mg. The cycle lasts six weeks.
In women, the recommended dose is 10-20 mg daily. It encourages female athletes to achieve the best athletic performance possible. These dosages, however, can contribute to masculinization.
The drug can be detected for up to 5 months, so athletes usually take it 6 months before a competition.

Professional athletes with extensive steroid use experience may raise their daily doses to 70-80 mg and combine the medication with active anabolic-androgenic steroids for mass gain: Dianabol + enanthate, Dianabol + Durabolin. Newbies should follow the solo cycles.
The main advantage of the drug is its oral method of entry, which is good for injection-conscious athletes.
Dianabol can be combined with other anabolic androgenic steroids: decanoate nandrolone and Sustanon.

Drug cycles:

  • Decanoate + Dianabol – great mass gain and definition of the body, improved endurance, ligaments, joints and tendons are strengthened. Athletes usually gain around 10 kg of mass. The duration of the cycle is 6-8 weeks. Beginner athletes should once a week inject nandrolone decanoate and take 3 Dianabol tablets a day. Professionals can increase the dosage by up to 2 nandrolone decanoate injections per week and 4 Dianabol tablets per day. To prevent side effects, Novo-pharm Proviron can be added to the mix. Novo-pharm Clomid is added 2 weeks after the end of the use.
  • Dianabol + Sustanon – the usage of Dianabol happens stepwise:
  •  Week 1 - 2 tablets.
  •  Week 2 - 3 tablets.
  •  Week 3 - 4 tablets.
  •  Week 4 - 3 tablets.
  •  Week 5 - 2 tablets per day.
  • Twice a week, 1 ml of Sustanon is injected. After 2 weeks, Clomide is introduced as part of PCT, the drug being taken for 3 weeks at 1 tablet per day.

PCT is recommended to restore the endocrine profile by Proviron or Clomid.

Brand: Novo-Pharm

Substance: Dianabol

Dosage and packing: 10mg per tab (100tabs)


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  1. Pierre



    Like this stuff. No injections are needed, and at 40 mg per day, it gives me what I want. I gained more on DBol in 4 weeks than in a couple of years using useless supplements.


    love it

  2. Jean



    Very stable compound, simple to use, and consistently effective. Fast shipping, great service. That's all I've got to say



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