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Triton Pharma is a relatively new Indian pharmaceutical laboratory with the leading production site in Mumbai, established in 2000. No, it’s not a typical shady Indian lab - they officially make 120 products in a 3-story building with high-end equipment. Besides, Triton Pharma exports its products both to the western and neighboring countries.

Triton Pharma Products For Bodybuilding

The main specialization of Triton Pharma is generics, women’s health, and dermatology. Most of their compounds have nothing to do with performance enhancement. However, on a PRO level, you can use non-specialized substances to your benefit. That’s precisely the situation with Eltroxin T4.

Triton Pharma Eltroxin T4

It’s a tricky solution to one of the biggest problems in bodybuilding - how to achieve a fat percentage decrease with no muscle mass loss. Authentic Triton Pharma Eltroxin T4 (with Levothyroxine as the active compound) is a unique prohormone that simultaneously gives you:

  • Anti-catabolic effect;

  • Fat loss;

  • Endurance and stamina boost.

You can buy Eltroxin T4 in Canada legally, but definitely need a lot of research before the cycle. The compound was not created with bodybuilding targets among the recommendations list.