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Don't take SUN Pharmaceutical as just another Indian company on the market - it's THE BIGGEST Indian pharmaceutical company out there. The closest rival, Dr. Reddy's lab, has a bit more than half of SUN's capitalization. The owner of the company is on the Forbes list, with almost nine billion net worth.

SUN Pharma Products

Being the region's leader, SUN Pharma produces - and exports worldwide - all kinds of products, with specialization in:

  • Generics;

  • APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients);

  • So-called OTCs (over the counter products, with no recipe needed).

As an athlete, you might be interested only in a few of them, though. One of the most popular authentic SUN Pharma compounds that you can buy in Canada is Dostinex (Cabergoline).

SUN Pharma Dostinex

Dostinex (it's just a market name) is a generic of Cabergoline - the Dopamine inhibitor. It's vital for those who cycle Nandrolone and Trenbolone in any esters.

How SUN Pharma Dostinex Works

With Anabolic Steroids, you raise your natural dopamine level. A cascade reaction leads to raised prolactin and epinephrine. These two guys, in high levels, give you severe physical and mental side effects. Cabergoline stops the reaction in the very beginning.