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Sopharma is called after the Bulgarian capital - Sophia. That’s where the company’s main production facility is located. Even though the company itself is not listed in the world’s top-10 pharmaceutical labs, their new production line is not a typical Eastern European one:

  • 4 billion pills a year;

  • Over 3,4 billion dollars of investments;

  • 400 workplaces.

That’s not just another shady Bulgarian lab with no website or registration, and they have six facilities like this one in total.

Sopharma Products For Bodybuilding

Unfortunately, Sopharma does not make substances for performance enhancement. The list of authentic Sopharma drugs that you can buy in Canada includes:

  • 15 herbal drugs;

  • 210 generics.

Luckily, one of their products - Sopharma Clen - can be used in bodybuilding as well.

Sopharma Clen

In general, it’s an analog of a classic Clenbuterol - a powerful non-steroidal cutting gear. It’s popular among athletes for its ability to almost literally «melt» subcutaneous fat, and at the same time - promote strength gains. Other benefits are:

  • Anabolic effect (muscle growth);

  • Fat burning;

  • Stamina improvement.

Even though it’s not a steroid, it still can give you several side effects - watch out for BP spikes and faster heart rate.