Pharmascience is a big pharmaceutical company with a relatively short history, founded in 1983 in Quebec. However, in less than 40 years, Pharmascience has become one of Canada’s top-50 companies in its field. Now, the company produces more than 2000 products and exports them to 60 countries.

The specialty of Pharmascience is generics - a kind of compounds that are almost identical to the original drug, which is often overpriced because of exclusive patent rights. In the field of generics, Pharmascience takes the 4th place in Canada.

Pharmascience Products For Bodybuilding

If someone tries to sell you an authentic Pharmascience Anabolic Steroids, peptides, or SARMs, don’t waste your money on it - Pharmascience is NOT producing anything for bodybuilding. However, you can use some of their products that are not meant for athletes in the first place. One of them is Metformin.

Pharmascience Metformin

Also known as Glucophage, it’s a powerful weight loss tool. On Metformin, you’ll be shedding fat like crazy, especially in combination with high-intensity workouts and a proper diet.

However, Metformin - as any other powerful compound - should be taken with extreme caution. Some of the side effects are crucial, and you need to know how to avoid them.

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