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This one «company» is tricky. First of all, it’s not a double name - it’s two separate companies. Upjohn was founded in 1875, and its owner, William Upjohn, was the first to create pills that you can break. Before Upjohn, pills were either too hard to break or were sold in a powder form.

In 1995, Upjohn merged with another big pharmaceutical company from Sweden, Pharmacia. However, things didn’t work well. In 1997 they sold several successful brands to Johnson & Johnson, and now - still under the name Pharmacia & Upjohn - belong to Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant.

Pharmacia & Upjohn Products

Today, the company is still on the market with multiple products under the brand name Upjohn. Even though P&J has no special compounds for bodybuilding, Canadian athletes can buy authentic Pharmacia & Upjohn supportive.

Pharmacia & Upjohn Cabergoline

Cabergoline, or just «Caber», can seriously damage your health if you run it carelessly. However, if you will (at least) take your time to read the instruction, it will save you from the hardcore side effects of other gear in your cycle. For example, you will definitely need Caber on a prolonged Trenbolone or Nandrolone cycle to combat their progestational activity.