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Hospira is one of the most notable pharmaceutical giants on the market. At least it was before the company was acquired by an even bigger one, Pfizer. Now, Hospira, as a self-sufficient brand, is not that widely represented on the market.

Hospira Products 

Two main fields of Hospira specialization were acute-care and injectables, so even in the golden years, the spectrum of products had no performance enhancement or supportive drugs. However, one thing by Hospira is vital for any athlete - the bacteriostatic water.

Hospira Bac Water

There is nothing special about Hospira «Bac» water - it’s just 0,9% of benzyl alcohol solution in a 30ml vial. The only reason to hunt precisely for Hospira here is the feeling of quality and safety.

Let me explain. You need bacteriostatic water to reconstitute your performance boosters and turn them from a powder form into a liquid. Apart from some not-that-popular Anabolic Steroids, this is what requires bac water:

  • Peptides of both GHRP and GHRH groups;

  • HGH (The Growth Hormone);

  • HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

Athletes in Canada prefer to buy authentic Hospira bac water because it simply has enough trust points, and it’s been proven to be effective.