Buying steroids in Canada can be a bit tricky. The Canadian law states that to buy any serious quantity you need a prescription. For example, if you need steroid to build muscles, you need a prescription. The weird thing about the sale of steroids in Canada is it’s legal to possess anabolic steroids but you can get in serious trouble for importing and selling them or purchasing without prescription.

Why people use steroids

Steroids are used by athletes and bodybuilders to achieve strong muscles, endurance and defined physique. These characteristic make anabolic steroids to be attractive to the competitive athletes and bodybuilders. There are people who use steroid for recreational purposes; most of the males will use steroids for body image.

There those who want to achieve a specific goal for example a specific measurement or a certain amount of weight. Once they achieve that goal they stop using the steroids.  Another grup of steroid users in Canada has been influenced by the images of muscularity on TV shows. These shows portray a muscular man being an integral part of the society and many boys growing in Canada use steroids to be like them.

 Where to buy steroids in Canada

Users need a prescription to buy steroids directly in Canada. Buying them internationally or domestically without prescription you are running a risk of charges being pressed against you. However to get quality steroids is relatively easy in Canada unlike US where the laws that govern the country are making the market to be more closed off.

Steroids forum

Due to the confusing nature of steroids legality in Canada many users tend to keep the sources private. Through steroids forums you are able to get help on how to obtain steroids without daring the law. These forums also help you to know the type of steroids used and the best places to purchase.

Online steroids stores

With a click of the mouse it is easy to purchase steroids in Canada. You may not find the legally being sold by online steroid sites based in Canada but there offshore pharmacies that sell these product

Open source message boards are another good place to start. On these messages board suppliers will advertise their products. However before suppliers allow you make a transaction at their website they want a reference.

In Canada the most popular steroids are:

Life after steroids

After quitting using steroids it need a big adjustment on one’s lifestyle and at times becomes difficult to cope with. These changes require one to undergo therapy.