Anavar weight loss is a phenomenon that has captured massive users from around the world since 1960. Though classified as schedule III drug in the USA it is still being used for stunning results. Every drug has its side effects so does Anavar but they can be completely eliminated if Anavar cycle is followed completely. Not just the bodybuilders but other athletes also use the drug to ensure a performance boost. For guys this steroid is a boon as it helps them gain mass as well as masculinity. Deep voice, increase in testosterone and better sex drive is some of the advantages that are associated to Anavar. Following are some of the benefits of the drug that can change your life:

 Equally effective for women

This anabolic steroid is as effective for women as it is for men. Lean muscle gain is something that women can enjoy if they take this drug as prescribed. It also eliminates the fear of virilization which means developing male characteristics. The dosage for women should be controlled and under supervision if the use is being done for the first time to avoid any negative effects.

Mild side effects

For both male and females the drug comes with awesome advantages that cannot be neglected. On lower dosages the results are outstanding and it has been also proven medically. You just need to keep the dose low as the half-life of Anavar is not long enough to affect the system by any means. On moderate doses this drug will neither affect your blood pressure nor will it have any impact on your liver and kidneys. Mild side effects that you could face are acne and low suppression.

Dry muscle gain

Though this drug is not geared towards crazy and massive bulks but it cannot stop you from getting moderate muscle gain. The best thing about Anavar muscle gain is that there is no water retention involved. It means that the gain is completely dry and long lasting. Post cycle treatment will also result in almost no lost at all as there is no water involved. The dry muscle gain as suggested by specialists mean great strength. 

Rapid results

Anavar is a drug that requires you to follow a schedule which is very important. When you get this medicine, be sure that you will be acquiring size and shape within a week or two. As an oral steroid it activates the hidden muscle gain system of your body to get you the desired results sometimes within days depending upon your trainer. As compared to other steroids like Dianabol Anavar works faster and more effectively.

Abdominal fat reduction

It is an unfortunate reality that we have associated weight reduction with belly fat. If you belong to this class then Anavar is certainly for you. It is effective in all those cases where the testosterone level is low in men. Various studies in this regard have also shown that the best results can be achieved if controlled doses are taken at regular intervals.