In 1960 Oxymetholone appeared under the trade name of Anadrol 50(syntax) and Androyd (Park Davis & co.). Anadrol 50 is described as a potent oral anabolic steroid. In the beginning, the steroid was believed to hold various therapeutic advantages. Treating chronic underweight, gastrointestinal disease, anemias as well as combating catabolic condition or disease were some of the benefits of Anadrol 50.

As other anabolic steroids, Anadrol is under a lot of scrutiny from FDA in the US. For now, it's only approved to treat diseases such as anemia, HIV, and AIDS which are muscle wasting diseases. Currently, the compound is manufactured by Alevan Pharmaceuticals. 


Anabolic Rating for Anadrol is three times higher than testosterone, but its androgenic rating is low. Through metabolism action by this steroid the hormone is reduced to methyl-dihydrotestosterone by removing 2-hydroxymethylene group.

Effects of Anadrol 50

Without question, the effects of Anadrol 50 are some of the powerful among anabolic steroids. It is enhanced by its rapid in giving results. It significantly boosts individual's strength making it a premier steroid in the mass building. Within 4-6 weeks of total use, a person is expected to have gained 20-30lbs. Without a doubt, most of it will be water weight. Anadrol is the only steroid with DHT compounds and its highly estrogenic and non-aromatizing steroid. Some effort must be put in eating a well-balanced diet and taking anti-estrogen medication to control water retention

Anadrol Cycle

To fully benefit from Anadrol you need to know how to take, and that's what commonly known Anadrol cycle. The main purpose of Anadrol cycle is to help bulk during off-season periods of use, as to increase strength and size is the primary goal of steroids.  To the competitive bodybuilders, it's good to include Anadrol cycle into their cutting phase for it to be useful.

Bulking Anadrol Cycles

Anadrol cycles for the strong majority will be during the offseason and the best period will be at the front end of the total reporting period. The steroid acts fast to bring result by providing synergy to the other anabolic steroids present.

The starting point of Anadrol intake is 50mg per day and often the only quantity anyone needs. The experienced may opt to take a higher dosage of 100gm per day, but it's always advisable to check how the small dosage responds before using the 100gm dosage. With proper eating habits, a significant gain may be attained even with 50mg steroid per day. The 20lbs gain in a month is easily attainable or even more.

Anadrol cycle should last 4-6 weeks. Extending more than six weeks is more likely to be wasting a good steroid as its effectiveness is short lived and breaks must be taken. Other anabolic steroids may be used to do the work after the 4-6 week period has passed. Dosage also affects the falloff as that individual who exceeds the 100mg mark will not find gains to be significant. Also excess dosage result to lack of appetite which makes bulking to be difficult.

For Anadrol to stack well with other anabolic androgenic steroids such as testosterone Anadrol cycles must be well implemented. It stacks well with other steroids.

Cutting Anadrol Cycles

To the dieting competitive bodybuilder bulking steroid, Anadrol cycles are useful. The period of use should be at the end of the cycle, shortly before the competition take place. The reason why it should be taken before tournament start is, the steroid works by allowing the individual to fill out to a greater degree. It gives the muscles a fuller and round look when on stage. Before trying an individual must have some experience on Anadrol cycles to know exactly how they respond to the steroid. It causes retention of water, but with a good understanding of how to control the steroid, you can enjoy the benefits.

Anadrol Dosage

When using anabolic steroid, it's good to understand the dose needed to maintain safety as you meet your goals. Much contradicting information from the internet and gym gossip may overwhelm you. The steroid is always in 50mg tablets, and many people find it to a simpler steroid to understand. However, this is not always the best dose because in some cases less is needed. Here are some doses that you can choose from.

Base Anadrol Doses

The standard Anadrol dose for most men is 50mg per day. For long term users of anabolic steroid and beginners, this is the standard dose. Within a rapid and short period, the dose will produce great gains in strength and mass. With this dose gaining 30lbs is possible.

Lower Anadrol Doses

Despite 50mg dose being so typical 25mg per day may also be enough. For a first time user, the half dose per day is safer and has fewer side effects. Anadrol is not side effect friendly as it has Oxymetholone hormone which is high in estrogenic and can promote cholesterol and pressure and is also extremely hepatotoxic. With 25mg controlling such side effects is easier.

High Anadrol Doses

Before using the higher dosage, it's good to know the risks are great. 75-100mg Anadrol dose may be utilized by some men, but there is no reason to surpass the 100mg mark. Doses above 100mg will have sides' effects, and it does not have an extra effect than the 100mg.

Anadrol Doses – Duration of use

No person should use this steroid more than eight weeks regardless of your Anadrol dose.  To better protect your health don't use more than six weeks. Extending usage more than six weeks seems not to provide any benefits regarding growth.

Anadrol Results

Anadrol 50 is one anabolic steroid with side effects that are not friendly. Due to its side effects, its usage in a therapeutic sense is limited. Side effects, however, can be controlled in most cases. Some of the side effects are categorized as follows;


Retaining excess water in the body can have an adverse impact on blood pressure and must be controlled.  Anadrol is estrogenic and causes gynecomastia which you require anti-estrogen medication.


These include acne, accelerated hair loss, and hair growth. Anadrol is not a good choice for women due to its androgenic nature.


The hormone in Anadrol has a substantial negative impact on cholesterol. Not good for those with a high level of cholesterol and for those who use it for supplementation they must maintain a proper diet.


Natural testosterones are suppressed by use of anabolic acid.


The value of liver enzymes increases with the use of Anadrol supplement. It might be not a sign of damage but stress that can lead to damage if proper care is not taken