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Uni-Pharma is a leading Greek pharmaceutical company. It was founded in the 1950s and worked for a long time for the domestic market. In 1998, the company was finally granted EU certification.

Uni-Pharma aims to expand over the most significant part of the pharmaceutical field it can. Otherwise, it's hard to explain modern state-of-the-art facilities (meaning both their HQ architecture in Thessaloniki and production equipment), the race for international awards, and the annual release of new products.

Uni-Pharma Products

In Canada, you can buy authentic over-the-counter and non-prescription pills, gels, and syrups by Uni-Pharma. Their most popular product is painkiller Apotel in all possible forms. However, for your physique improvement, you can get an original Dithyron mix.

Uni-Pharma Dithyron (T3+T4 Mix)

The active compound of the drug is Levothyroxine Sodium. It's oral and comes in pills for easy administration. The effects that made it famous include:

  • Rapid fat loss;

  • Endurance improvement;

  • Cardio efficiency boost;

  • Body recomposition.

Even though it's a non-steroidal compound, you still have to pay attention to all the possible side effects. The full list is included in authentic Uni-Pharma packs. However, the most important ones are related to your blood pressure and body temperature.